Content Marketing for MicroInfluencers who want to become a trusted brand.

SEOTraffic generates content that builds authority, branding, and loyalty for you.
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SEO content that increases brand awareness

Get in front of your audience before your competitors do:

  • Keyword Search – we search for profitable keywords with low competition for Google ranking
  • Quality Content – we publish relevant & authoritative content that increases your SEO Score
  • Link building – reach out to relevant content publishers directly.
  • Technical SEO – optimized website for both users and search engines, so it’s fully capable of ranking in the search results
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SEOTraffic’s Content Marketing Toolbox

SEOTraffic offers a marketing toolbox designed for all your branding needs.

SEOTraffic Toolbox

It contains the tools you need for taking your blog content and converting traffic and existing followers into loyal customers.

  • Lead Magnets – 50+ Lead Magnet ideas to add to your blog and ecommerce website
  • Email Marketing – The best email marketing systems and tools to convert leads into sales.
  • SEO Retargeting – reach out to users who have searched or visited your blog, brand name or target keywords.
  • And MORE!
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Content Writing Across Industries

SEOTraffic offers content for many niches and industries that need different types of blog content.

Industries & Niches

We understand that being an Influencer in any market can be very competitive…

  • We research your competitor’s most trending content, so that your content stays relevant.
  • Identify the tone and writing style that converts best in your industry
  • Suggest call-to-actions your competitors are using to collect leads on their blog sites.
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MicroInfluencer Package Features

When you get started with SEOTraffic today, you’ll get…

Everything you need to succeed with SEO content marketing for building a brand as an Influencer

  • Technical SEO (website optimization)
  • Keyword Search for SEO, ranking and retargeting
  • Write and publish 12 blogs each month
  • Call to actions with every blog
  • Link building to boost your SEO traffic
  • SEOTraffic Marketing Toolbox
  • Monthly Reporting
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